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JLab Cosmo 是一個集合專業化妝服務及課程的地方,JLab 更成為日本JMA ( Japanese Make-up Association ) 香港區唯一認定校。可考獲認可化妝資格。JLab 更是一個藝術交流平台。讓不同化妝愛好者分享心得及技巧。

We are Hong Kong Makeup Centre.

J LAB COSMO is a place to explore and inspire the creation of living art.

In this place, you are not just Learn to  be a technician, but an artist come and be inspired. 

Julie. H

Julie hui 許慧敏是土生土長的香港星級化妝師.努力不懈遊走世界各地進修,及與不同國家的化妝師合作。從事化妝工作十多年,在舞台劇、電影、演唱會、商業廣告等跨領域的工作經驗,令她不停鑽研,結集實用與藝術之間的平衡,細腻地創造每件藝術作品。

另一方面 Julie H 亦有鑽研香薰及化妝品配方技術等課程及考獲多個技術証書及牌照。為的是更深入地了解護膚品與人體皮膚的化學作用,從而教導正確的護膚知識。

Julie Hui Wai Man is a Hong Kong-based star makeup artist whose clients can be found in a variety of industries including concert and theatrical events, film production and advertising. Relentless in the pursuit of excellence, Hui has been travelling to different parts of the world where she works with other beauty specialists while going to school at the same time. With ten years of experience in the industry, Hui has developed a knack for balancing her works perfectly between practicality and aesthetics; such can be seen in the
delicacy and attention to detail in each of her jobs.


To better understand the reaction human skins may have to the chemicals in skincare products, Hui studies aromatherapy and cosmetic formulation and has obtained certificates in both areas.

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2005年成為 LOréal Group 旗下 LOréal Paris 及 Maybelline New York的培訓師;更在 2005-2011 其間走訪數十間不同機構、中學、大學進行化妝培訓服務及講座。

Hui became a trainer for L'Oréal Paris and Maybelline New York in 2005. During the years of 2005 2011, she held dozens of makeup training sessions and talks in secondary schools, universities and other organizations.


2006年開始為多套舞台劇的海報化妝及舞台演出化妝,2008年憑 W創作社及風車草劇團《小人國》榮獲提名第十七屆香港舞台劇獎最佳化妝造型。

In 2006, she was the makeup artist for a number of musical productions, posters and stage performances. In 2008, she was nominated for the 17th HongKong Stage Drama Award for Best Makeup and Modeling with W Creation Agency and Windmill Grass Theatre Company "Little People"


2006 年首發第一本化妝書《慳家扮靚靚》,將美妝普及化,怎樣運用價廉物美的產品去打做出星級的效果。

In 2006, Hui published her first makeup book "Be Frugal and Pretty" where she demonstrates how to make use of affordable good cosmetic products so that everyone can do professional-
looking makeup at home.

2007 - 2016

2007 年開始亦為多套香港電影及荷里活電影進行海報化妝.現場及特技化妝工作,包括《赤道》、《寒戰2》、《激戰》等。2016 年開始參與各演唱會工作。

Since 2007, Hui has been working with umerous Hong Kong films and Hollywood movies as an on-site and special effects makeup artist. Projects she has worked on include "Helios, " "Cold War" and "Unbeatable”. Since 2016, she has been doing makeup for concert performers.

2020 - Present

現時為 J LAB 創辦人,不只開辦課程,培育新人,更希望 JLab 能與各藝術人仕交流,提升藝術視野的一個地方。

As the founder of JLab, Hui is currently organizing courses to train new blood to join the industry. She hopes that J LAB can serve as a platform where artists from different industries can have their horizons expanded through exchanges of experiences and ideas.



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